About Rounded Globe

Rounded Globe publish high quality accessible scholarly essays.

All our ebooks are published under a creative commons license and are completely DRM free. You are encouraged to download them, share them with friends or colleagues, upload them to The Pirate Bay, or host them on your own web site for others to freely access.

Accessibility means a work can be read by anyone regardless of price or legal restriction. It also means that it is intelligible to a reader outside the discipline. We believe accessibility is the basic condition for the survival of the humanities in the digital age.

Rounded Globe has no institutional affiliation and receives no corporate funding. We are supported by the generosity of individual patrons, of whom we would like to thank, especially, Donald Winch and H.B. Paksoy.

We put a lot of work into publishing the ebooks we offer but our model recognises that, once that work is done — since we use no scribes or printing presses — the cost of creating a copy is zero. We see this as an opportunity to liberate knowledge and expertise rather than something to be subverted to protect outdated business models.

Rounded Globe is what a library was meant to be. A library without boundaries.

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